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Scam Evidence
So here is the Immediate Edge Scam main registration area. Notice the hype when they say that you can be “richer than you ever imagined”. This is an immediate tell sign which should alert your attention.

Moving along here is the testimonial part of the Immediate Edge SCAM. We have produced conclusive proof that all the testimonials are forged and naturally there is a reason for that. They are basically using a sleazy scam tactics in order to manipulate you into signing up, and this is not acceptable!

OK so here is the last piece of the puzzle. If you take a look below you will see that they are saying there is “zero risk” and the success rate is 98.9% (not possible and not logical). That’s what we call a blatant lie and every child understands that everything in life requires some degree of risk, especially when online trading is involved.

Who Is Edwin James and How Does The Immediate Edge Scam Work?
Edwin James is presented as the man behind the Immediate Edge scam app. Apparently they are telling us the software is 100% automated and selects only the best trades even when markets are falling, hence there is no risk to your money (if you believe that).

Immediate Edge Review, $2,200 Daily or SCAM App?
“Today you are about to get very rich.” Or are you? Edwin James and the crooked band of affiliate marketers pulling the stings behind the scenes will have you believe that they have found a secret app which generates money on auto pilot. They say it really works because of three main reasons:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Its free to use
  3. There is zero risk

There is also talk about insider information and having exclusive access to a secret trading algorithm. They say that the app takes advantage of the price differences and fluctuations between the exchanges and that is why the app provides you with immediate success and fast profits.

James claims that the best traders and analysts in the world were gathered in order to create the “most powerful and intelligent crypto trading software in the world”. He also mentions that this is a “wealth bonanza” and the algorithm trades 100% by itself and that no knowledge is needed.

Limited Spots Available with Immediate Edge App! (False!)

One of the surest ways to spot a trading scam is by checking out what happens when you try and exit their site. Immediate Edge app scam will send you a pop-up message that claims if you don’t sign up now, “someone will take your spot!” This is a ludicrous lie. There are NOT a limited amount of spots. In fact, they accept as many registrations as possible until the brokers get scared of being sued.

The unregulated brokers that work directly with Immediate Edge scam are paying the creator for each person he brings them to sign up. Why? The broker makes a large profit when you lose a trade. Worst yet, they will send their conniving sales team after you with annoying phone calls demanding you deposit more money.

Immediate Edge scam is NOT limiting registrations. They simply want to scare you into signing up before you have a chance to read some unbiased reviews! In fact, if you want to see this for yourself look at the top right of the website screen. It will tell you that there are “only 43 spots left” in your location. That number will eventually go all the way down to “only 1 spot available”. If you refresh the site, the number will go back up to 43 again. It’s absurd.

What Are the Benefits of Trading with the Immediate Edge Bot?


The fact is, there are many automated trading solutions available in the cryptocurrency markets but the reality is, they are not all created equally. We found that trading with the Immediate Edge bot was easy to do and we were able to make money easily.

Here are some of the other benefits of trading with the Immediate Edge bot:

  • Easy to Use– While the Immediate Edge bot has been designed with state of the art algorithms, it is easy to use. This means that both new and advanced traders can use this software and profit. In addition, the trading dashboard has been well designed, enabling anyone to easily navigate the system.
  • Automated– This is an outstanding benefit since the Immediate Edge bot is able to trade automatically. That is, it is able to trade without the intervention of the trader. Once the trading parameters are set, the bot will scan the cryptocurrency exchanges and will pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities. It will then make a trade automatically on the broker’s platform. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Since the bot is automated, it ensures that you do not have to spend hours in front of your computer waiting for an opportunity to trade.
  • Free of Charge– There is no cost to use and sign up with the Immediate Edge bot. While they are currently only giving away 60 places to use their service, the fact is there are no hidden fees or commissions. Simply complete the registration form and you can start using the Immediate Edge bot instantly.
  • Convenience– The Immediate Edge bot can easily be installed on your PC or mobile device, plus it works seamlessly with the selected brokers. This ensures that you will be up and trading within a few minutes of registering with the Immediate Edge bot.
  • Demo Account and Tutorials– Once you access the trading dashboard, you can view the demo walkthrough which explains the platform in detail. In addition, the broker you partner with will also give you free, direct access to their educational resources and tutorials, helping you to understand how trading works and how to set your trading parameters.
  • Success Rate– The Immediate Edge Bot trades with a very high success rate and this ensured our consistent profits. Interestingly, out of the 20 trades that we made, 18 ended successfully so we really were able to make money.
  • Responsive Customer Support– A big benefit of the Immediate Edge bot is their professional and responsive customer support. You can contact them via Chat on the site, plus the brokers they partner with also have a dedicated customer support team which you can call at any time.


Can You Really Make Money with the Immediate Edge Bot?


The short answer is yes, you can. After we made our first deposit of $250, we made $897 within the first 24 hours. As the site states, you can make over $44,000 a month using the automated Immediate Edge bot to trade cryptocurrencies. One of the many reasons why the Immediate Edge bot is so successful is that cryptocurrencies are so volatile. Volatility in the financial markets translates into trading opportunities.

In addition, as the site explains, since the different crypto exchanges offer different rates for the different digital coins, this gives the bot the opportunity to buy cryptos at a low price and to then sell them at a higher price. By making a lot of small profits, over and over again, you are able to make big profits by using the Immediate Edge Bot.

We recommend reading the testimonials on the site so you can get an understanding of how the Immediate Edge bot has changed the lives of many people and has given them the opportunity to make money and to find financial freedom. In addition, we can confirm that when we requested a withdrawal of our funds and profits, the process was easy and seamless and within 24 hours, our money was reflecting in our account. This is an important feature of a trustworthy, reliable automated trading cryptocurrency robot. The Immediate Edge Bot gets a thumbs up from us.


With the growing online technology like Immediate Edge, scammers are fast increasing.

Scammers never want to waste time.

You know that high risk involves in trading cryptocurrencies.

Thus, not suitable for all investors over the world.

At the end of this review, you will find out if Immediate Edge is indeed a scam or not.

Let me start by introducing this bot to you.

Immediate Edge is similar to other auto trading robot claiming to help the investors become billionaire themselves in a month. Would you agree? I doubt it, but if this is such a high functioning bot, it may be right.

This tool is a trading bot for crypto, forex, and binary options. As I look at the website of Immediate Edge, I see plenty of testimonials saying how these people started from rags to riches.

Immediate Edge works based on the algorithm and allows the traders to sit and wait for the bot to do all the work like placing the trade. Even beginners have the same chance profiting like the experts because trades can be set automatically and more often are more accurate than other bots.

For some reviews I read, they claim that Immediate Edge is not a scam and it has a win rate of 88%. Similar to other trading bots, it has a $250 minimum deposit for you to start trading.

You cannot trade using Immediate Edge without creating your account. There is a need for you to sign up for free, but there is a minimum requirement of a deposit for you to start trading.